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Foam Replacement


Double foam vs Single foam?

These are one in same boards with the only difference being the double sided foam. The single foam board can pull live baits up to about 11 inches. The double foam board will handle live baits up to 15 inches.  Double foam can handle lead up to 1.5 ounce  Single foam can handle lead up to 1.0 ounce. Double foam sits up out of the water slightly higher therefore are easier to see but single foam will pull a bit wider because they sit lower and get more water on the board pushing it out. The difference between the two boards pulling out is very little but the edge would go to the single foam.

How big of bait can you troll?

Water Bugz Planer Boards allow you to pull bait up to 15 inches.

How much does one planer weigh?

2.5oz and it can handle live baits over one pound

How fast can you troll?

Water Bugz can handle up to 3mph but for best results with live bait 1-2 will get the best results.

Can you use cut bait or strip bait?

Yes, cut bait is buoyant like live bait and will work fine.

What are the dimensions of the board?

Three inches tall and seven inches long

How do I adjust the tension of the clip?

The spring inside the clip will slide forward for more tension and slide back for heavy tension

Where should the line go in the clip?

I prefer the line in the front 1/3 of the clip so when the fish strikes the bait the board will release and just slide down the line to the leader or fish which you then can gaff or net the fish and take off the board and put it on the next line.

How many boards do I use at once?

Each line requires its own planer and two on each side of the boat (four rods) is no problem

Can I use Water Bugz from the bank?

Yes, current or tide cause moving water and with that the board will go out.

What is good set up for offshore?

A Tournament setup(six rods) would be two planers on each side, a prop bait and a down rigger.

What is a good set up for inshore anchoring?

When targeting an area (grass bed, oyster bed, or hole) stay about fifty feet above it and slightly over to the side.  This will let you run baits over to that area and hold them in that current and all that sand and mud the boat stirs up with movement just goes right by since you are over to the side.  You have two planers stationed in one spot and that allows you to fish artificial or cast elsewhere

Do I need a certain type of rod holder?

No, these boards work the same whether the rod is vertical or angled or horizontal.

How far out do I run the bait behind the planer?

The tactics section will be of some help for your type of fishing but generally some where between 10-40feet works best.  This has a lot to do with your fishing area, King Mackerel tend to like a bait a little closer to the board since they seem to be more aggressive while a Spanish Mackerel likes the bait farther away.  But any time you run big bait you must run them close to the planer because this bait has the power to swim into the other lines. A ten-inch pogie would work best twenty feet behind the planer.  

How fast should I troll?

When live baiting slower is better, and best results are usually between 1-2mph.  A great bonus of using Water Bugz is in strong winds and big seas(six –eight feet)simply put out the boards and any wind that moves the boat will make the boards go out, with out any motor at all.  Many fishermen using Water Bugz make long drifts (motor off) and cover that one hundred foot as slow as possible.

What fish do I target with Water Bugz?

If you use bait, whether trolling or anchored these planers will simply allow expanded fishing, and cover more water.  If you are trolling out of the back of your boat your covering the beam(8feet) plus the rods that are hanging over the side which is normally about sixteen feet wide.  Water Bugz gives you up to one hundred foot of cover, so its better quality fishing.

What is the advantage of Water Bugz?

This light weight board will flow over chop, over waves and not drowned the bait with snaps and jerks, the weight also does not allow the fish that struck that bait to feel resistance from a heavy object therefore getting you multiple strikes on one bait.

Can I pull artificials?

No, these planers are specifically designed to pull bait and live bait especially.

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